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Reduce Phone Cost

To reduce the cost of phone calls with your loved ones, you can use a service that gives you a local number to the prison. Your loved one then calls that local number, and it routes the call to your phone. You have to pay for the service, but it makes the overall expense of phone calls cheaper if your loved one calls you frequently.

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What to do when and how

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Book List December

Books for December 2017
Each month, a fiction and nonfiction book suggestion will be posted with links to order on Amazon or through other book sellers. You can order a book for yourself, as well as order a copy to be mailed directly to a loved one in prison (note that some prisons do not allow hardcover books). The books can create topics of discussion for our community email list and with your loved one. Many people find that reading the same book as a loved one in prison is a meaningful way to do something together and that it gives them a shared experience to talk about.

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